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Is Uncensored Survival As Good As It Claims Or Is Oli Fischer Scam?

Is Uncensored Survival As Good As It Claims Or Is Oli Fischer Scam?

Over the past few years, my interest in obtaining survival skills has grown immensely and with the current state of our economy, I realized that I couldn’t continue to delay being prepared for whatever waits ahead. After doing some online research, I came across a course by Oli Fischer called Uncensored Survival. I immediately had to investigate just to be sure that Oli Fischer was not just another survival scam sales guy.

oli-fischer-scamTurns out that, Oli Fischer is a survival expert and a fellow American citizen based in Texas, facing the same economic problems as I am. Knowing that he’s not only put his products to actual use, but continues to offer his real survival tips, helps me rest assured in my purchase, as well as in my decision to take action to be prepared.

My impartial, down to earth opinion of Oli Fischer’s Uncensored Survival is as follows. The price I paid for the material was highly reasonable, $47 bucks, which included the hardcopy book delivered to my door. The book is fantastic but the survival tips covered in the book are priceless. Being able to rest assured in the fact that I can not only survive, but also protect and provide for my family regardless of our economy, gives me the utmost peace of mind.

Oli Fischer’s survival course covers everything from learning how to protect your life in case thieves loot your home, to emergency food storage mistakes. Upon purchasing the Uncensored Survival materials, I gained admittance to a clean, easy to navigate members area which contains an online library where survival tips are easily accessible.

I’ve had to reevaluate my original survival plan, but with help from the survival expert, Oli Fischer, I now know that my emergency survival plan is bulletproof. I love that the Uncensored Survival course has not only given me proper steps to prepare for any emergency, but has also acquainted me with the mental aspect of survival. The material covered 5 major points to survival: Storing & hoarding, natural disaster survival, survival defense, mental survival, and survival power. The course is extremely organized and logical, enabling you to create an emergency survival plan that works best for you and your family.

uncensored-survivalSo, to make it very simple for you, yes, I highly recommend purchasing the Uncensored Survival material. Let’s be honest here, it costs less than a meal, and this material is worth far more than the asking price. This investment can not only save your own life, but the life of your loved ones, so to hesitate in purchasing Uncensored Survival would be to put yourself at unnecessary risk. In my opinion, it is always better to be safe and prepared, rather than leave your fate up to chance. These are real world survival techniques, not unpractical theories and Oli Fischer, a survival expert, has put these methods to the test. Everyone can learn something from this course, and you could potentially save lives with this practical knowledge.

Top 10 Hiding Places For Your Guns

oli fischer scamBurglars can be an issue and having a gun safe is a great place to hide and store your guns, but let’s be honest here, burglars are not our only concern. Plus, a gun safe isn’t exactly ready accessible. Oli Fischer Scam is here to help you in these possible situations.

When you’re in a situation where you really need your gun, I doubt that you will be able to go to the gun safe and type your combo in. Trouble can come at anytime and you might only have but a few moments to be ready for anything. Hiding your firearm in an easy access yet devious location where no one would think to look is definitely recommended.

Here are 10 suggestions:

  1. Imitation electrical outlet. Who would think to look in a fake outlet? I don’t know of a burglar or any government confiscator who would think of that. Get resourceful. With a little improvisation, you can make this setup easily accessible.
  2. Above hall closet doorframes. The majority of closets are pretty “shallow” so upon entrance, rummaging burglars most likely won’t look directly above their head.
  3.  Hollowed out book. Purchase a thick hardback at a secondhand shop or your local Salvation Army and using an exacto blade, hollow it out. This is the oldest trick in the book. Literally.
  4. Air conditioning/return air vents function as a great deep storage area for a handgun. These can be functioning or false air conditioners. You can also place them high enough so there is no risk of children reaching them.
  5. False flooring. If you already have wood floors installed, make a subtle cut in an inconspicuous place, possibly near a wall or behind a piece of furniture. This will work as an excellent storage spot.
  1.  Customized or altered cabinets/bookshelves. Check out this awesome bookshelf for ideas.
  2. Picture Frame Backing, Using a thick picture frame I’ve seen perfect hiding places created by fastening holsters to the back of the actual picture.
  3.  Within large pottery. If you use large decorative pottery pieces and have a small enough weapon, these can act as a great hiding place.
  4.   A drawer with a false bottom is the second oldest trick in the book (next to the hollowed-out book) and will fool crooks all day long. They’re super easy to build as well as install1.
  5. Beneath your couch/recliner. Remove the fabric from the underside of your couch and there is plenty of room to store a larger weapon such as a shotgun or rifle.

To Stockpile Or Not? How to Handle A Great Ammunition Shortage.

The media of today runs 24 hours a day and if there were to be a shortage of any product, they make sure that you know about it, but when you start hearing about an ammunition shortage, it’s definitely worth taking a look at. Oli Fischer Scam is here to help you be continually aware of what’s happening in America today!

We are going to show you how the 2013 ammunition shortage can affect your capability to care for your family, if stockpiling ammo is right for you, and how to detect if there is something sinister behind the sudden shortage in ammunition.

The current nationwide ammunition deficiency may affect your security, even if you do not own a single firearm.

1Anatomy of a Shortage

Across the country, gun owners will flee to local gun stores only to find out that ammunition has been depleted from their stock. Ammo aisles will be barren and the public will wonder if the stores have discontinued ammunition sales. They haven’t, the high demand of ammo simply leaves the stores unable to keep up. Everyone will run out of ammunition, including local law enforcement departments.

The sheriff’s department in Hamilton County, Tennessee has gone on record saying that its officers are now being given fewer bullets to use at the range.

Recent interviews with the Rollingwood, TX Police Chief Dane Pryor state, “We have adequate supplies right now, but we’re limited to how often we can go to the firing range to train because we want to be conservative right now.”

This shortage means that our current police academy graduates will receive less firearm training than their predecessors. Will these restrictions apply while on duty? How will this affect their rules of engagement?

“Panic Buying”

There are several very powerful factors to consider during a ammo shortage. The first is merely a massive upsurge in consumer demand. Immediately following the re-election of President Barack Obama, many firearm enthusiasts began stockpiling ammunition.

Many Americans fear that the latest laws of gun control may come in the form of “ammo restrictions,” especially the calibers most commonly used in so-called “assault weapons.”

Many tactical weapon enthusiasts started to buy ammo in extraordinary bulk amounts. Others began to notice, encouraging sportsmen and target shooters to also buy aggressively.

As a result of this panic-driven stockpiling, prices of ammunition soar and shortages begin all around the country.

Shortages create panic, which in turn fuels even more “panic buying.” Consumers aren’t the only ones responsible for driving the shortage.

Ammunition hoarding
(verb) - To purchase substantially more ammunition than one could reasonably make use of with the goal of future resale for profit.


Calibers Most Affected

Recent reports show that both handgun and tactical rifle ammunition is seeing the biggest rise in demand. Firearm dealers along the east coast, state that the ammunition for .9mm, .40, and .45 calibers are extremely short in supply. Most types of .22 caliber ammunition are virtually unavailable.

If you possess firearms of any of these calibers, you may have trouble finding any shells at your local gun store:

  1. .22 long-rifle
  2. .223
  3. 9mm
  4. .380
  5. .38 Special
  6. .357
  7. .40
  8. .45

3Often times, very few types of ammunition escape the panic, despite the fact that production remains steady if not higher than normal. Most industry experts continue to forecast shortages like the ones we’re currently experiencing all throughout the rest 2014.

Here’s a report posted by Valley Guns, after their employees attended a Industry meeting regarding the ammo crisis:

“AMMO: Every caliber is now Allocated(sic)! We are looking at a nation wide shortage of all calibers over the next 9 months. All plants are producing as much ammo as possible w/ 1 BILLION rounds produced weekly. Most is military followed by L.E. and civilians are third in line. MAGPUL is behind 1 MILLION mags. Do not expect any large quantities of magpul (sic) anytime soon.”

Department of Homeland Security

Indicated in the preceding report is the reality that civilians are third in line when it comes to ammunition purchases. The military and law enforcement branches are responsible for a vast majority of ammunition purchases being made.

Many conspiracy-minded Americans out there question the current shortage, asking themselves if the shortage is truly market-driven, or if it’s perhaps a form of backdoor gun control perpetrated by elements of the US government.

The Department of Homeland Security’s recent purchase of 103 million rounds is only stimulates the proof that the Obama administration is conspiring to create an artificial shortage.

The most recent government bid enables Homeland Security to purchase as much as 1.1 billion rounds over the next 5 years, but that number represents an upper limit. In fact, a simple record check shows that the DHS bought less ammo in 2012 than in 2011 or 2010.

-          148 Million – 2010

-          108 Million – 2011

-          104 Million – 2012

What Should You Do?

Like many Americans out there, if you are concerned with having ammo to use in a home defense scenario, then it might be worth your time to stand in line and pay for a high price for a box or two of shells. Although we have seriously inflated prices, at today’s current rate, you’ll probably only pay $5 to $10 more than you would on average.

If you already have a reasonable supply of ammunition for your home defense plan, now is the perfect time to save your money. Maybe you intend to stock up on ammunition in the future, just realize that soon enough, “The Great Ammo Shortage” will come to an end.

4When it is over, many ammo hoarders will feel foolish for buying such ridiculous amounts of ammunition at such insanely high prices. The hoarders will then be searching to liquidate their stockpiles at below retail prices.

The greatest lesson we can learn from “The Great Ammo Shortage” is that scares like these are most frequently irrational. Having a part to play in the ammo-hoarding panic will NOT help you become more readily prepared.

It’s much wiser to have a plan that allows you to become prepared in incremental measures, if something like this should ever happen again. Create a list of the ammunition that is needed most for your own protection, and slowly purchase these items over time.

Also take into consideration that it is important to consider a long-term storage, as ammunition quality will deteriorate with age and over time. The perfect place for long-term ammo storage is an airtight container, stored at regulated temperatures ranging between 50-80°F.